to see, or not to see…

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While looking at frames for myself I got sidetracked by all the cute little bespectacled animal illustrations out there. Is there anything more adorable than glasses on a tiny owl? I think not.  After a TON of searching (and a small amount of goofing-off) I decided to go with Rivet & Sway. You can try out 3 pairs in the comfort of your own home – for FREE.  Mac got ahold of my glasses a month or so ago and chewed the left ear piece a bit. I’m wearing them anyway… since glasses are damn expensive and I’m friggin’ blind. Mac was very sorry and is completely forgiven. He is very hard to stay mad at (just look at that face!).

Here are the frames I like so far:


I will eventually narrow it down to just 3 and order them for a proper try-on session. And, if you visit the R&S blog you can read all about the contest they are having this month for Mother’s Day. Fun!

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