peter and the wolf

After my prescribed kitty cat parade view this morning, I clicked on the TV for some Saturday morning cartoons while I made coffee and tried to get Mac to come back into the house. I cleaned and treated his ears when we woke up and once he got outside he started rolling in the grass (which if you have seen my backyard you know it is mostly dirt). Then, knowing he was in the most trouble at that point, Mac went into a cluster of bushes and barked at me for a few minutes. I scolded him briefly before moseying back into the house, leaving him out there for a while, there’s just no talking to him once he’s freaked out like that. While I was waiting for my coffee to brew and my dog to simmer down I heard a familiar melody coming from the living room. It was Peter and the Wolf. I thought, “oh cool, they are doing Peter and The Wolf on this kids show”, but they weren’t. I guess they were just using a little of it…huh? Weird. SO then I needed to hear ALL of IT. YouTube to the rescue (cheeseball).

Before I sat and searched YouTube though, I went back outside to lure my beagle into the house – with a very long trail of Pupperoni pieces. Mac is now sulking under the green chair while I type. Misha and I watched Peter and the Wolf together and the wolf parts scared him which made me laugh and bleed a little bit (about the neck).

I searched around for Peter and the Wolf related goodness and this blog, Peter and the Wolf Gallery, popped up…and it’s a fabulous library of album covers. I stole a few for you…

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