trees 4 the wood


“Grace Gladdish is a mother of 5 with 4 years at art college and a long but often interrupted history of exhibiting her artwork. She runs trees4thewood from her studio on her flower farm in Southern Tasmania”

I stand by my assessment that all things Australian are, by definition, adorable. Grace Gladdish’s Etsy shop, Tree4thewood, supports this theory; and I’ve just announced it on the internet so it MUST be true.

I’m getting more and more into rustic home goods, lately (no doubt, subconsciously preparing for my eventual escape to deep woods/cabin living). Seriously, I have THE WORST hay fever but I’ve always wanted to live in the country away from everything and in a modest cabin with a loft space (sigh), and front porch….(voice trails off wistfully…)

Until then, I guess I’ll just be admiring (and collecting) woodsy paraphernalia… or something like that.

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