making christmas :: candles

photo 4

Actually this should be about soy candles, sachets and soap, but I got the flu last week and I’m still not quite right (cough, cough). I did make a few things before the germs hit, so that’s good. Candles are NOT hard to make. People have asked me this a few times… and I suppose you could screw anything up if you tried hard enough. I melt the wax until it’s at about 180 degrees then add fragrance (mind the flashpoints!), stir for a full 2 minutes and pour into warmed and prepped containers. That’s it. I also made  a few batches of soap and I have to say… definitely not as easy as candles. For the sachets (pictures coming) I stamped fabric with metallic black pigment ink (stars and polka dots) sewed them into cute little “sacks” and added a generous amount of balsam fir needles before sewing them up and tying with twine. I have terrible allergies but I don’t even care because CHRISTMAS!

photo 5

and here’s a pic of the sachet: