owl be your valentine

OWLBYOURS-previewYay! I somehow found the energy to post this Valentine printable project. Things are starting to look up, for sure. Mac is feeling a little better, sutures will be removed on Monday, just 4 short days from now. He is still a bit frustrated with the “cone of shame” but he’ll only have to wear it until March. March seems like forever, but February is such a short month, not to worry.

If you like origami or want to try an easy project, I recommend you take a peek at this Origami Heart tutorial on YouTube. It really is an easy one, promise! Before you fold your heart, you can write a message inside (the white side of the paper). SO CUTE! After I learned to fold the heart I created the little owl card and the banner. There are two cuts made on the owl card (by his wings) and the banner fits in there (gently Z-fold the banner at both ends and slide into the cuts), then the little heart love note rests behind the banner. AND, the folded heart actually has a little pocket available on the opposite side that you can tuck a little piece of chocolate into. OR, you can make a series of hearts, add a string for instant mini garland and nest them into the banner (see image below). Alternatively, you could nix the hearts and wrap a chocolate bar with the patterned paper and slide it behind the banner. Easy!

The download includes 4 different patterns and I’ve included a fillable banner option! (on page one of the PDF). You can change the wording or personalize as needed. You’ll need cover weight paper for the card and banner, text weight paper for the origami heart, scissors (of course), an exacto knife and straight edge.

owl-valentineNo glue or tape required! Click the link below to download yours.

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