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Coley_Christine_CatalanoHey! So, I signed up for Skillshare… almost 3 weeks ago.

Total classes taken: 0

This is NOT a reflection on Skillshare. It IS a reflection on how much time I spend doing other things like walking the dog, petting the dog, chasing the dog, yelling at the dog while he is chasing the cat, cleaning the dog’s ears, taking pictures of the dog and/or cat, sleeping (dog on bed), working out, planning / prepping/ chopping/ portioning food for my Whole30 (dog watches), and putting glitter (mostly) on my nails.


So, for the month of JUNE… I’ll MAKE TIME for actual Skillshare classes. One class a week(end). My birthday is in June and I’m doing a few other things for myself (mostly, upping the HAPPY QUOTIENT).

Anyone that wants to pay attention to my VERY NEEDY dog while class is in session, email me. Oh yeah and Skillshare has a free trial (7 days) and to become a member it’s only $9.95 a month. Not too shabby, eh?

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