It’s a music day! YAY!!!!!

I am busy with not so fun work-type things and music helps be focus. Maybe “refocus” is the better term for it. There are at least 5 other things I would rather be doing (okay four, because this blog post counts as one). Right now we (still just me) are listening to pretty piano music by composer Brian Crain. (Gawd, the spelling of his name almost gave me a stroke just now.)

Twice last week it was suggested I write a book by two people who probably didn’t even know that I’ve had that on my bucket list for a while. I just laughed a little and took the suggestions as compliments. I’m not really a writer. I have a difficult time organizing my thoughts into “stories” and get tangled up in tangents. So tangled that I forget my point or find a new point (or new tangent). That’s not writing, that’s more just thinking, I think. or it’s just remembering or noticing or collecting, I’m not sure.

Bucket lists are a sad dusty collection of things people want to do before they DIE. I’ve never liked the idea of that. Sometimes I feel like I could write all day if only I had the perfect music playing in my brain. I’m sure I play the music in my ear buds too loudly and that it is bad for my hearing.

Maybe writing a book is just something I want to do before I go DEAF?

Either way, I’ve decided to start writing! I would love to tell you that it will happen every day… that I will write pages and pages and pages that will collect like rain in a barrel. And, those pages will become something that resembles a book. But I cannot tell you that because tomorrow will not be the same as today and then is not now. But now will be then… and when it is I will have written pages and pages…


p.s. Please do not worry, I know I have a terrible habit of inappropriately placed commas… that’s what editors are for (I hope).

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