warm fuzzies

It was a fun Thanksgiving holiday! I spent a few days in Tampa at my sister’s house and ate turkey with cranberries, and even some pumpkin pie. My niece, Emma, and I made a gingerbread house, origami stars and pom pom garland. There is glitter on everything. My sister, Rachel, got me a really neat book… Doodling with Jim Henson, I love it.  AND A MUPPET BABIES COMIC (what, I KNOW!)

The dogs ran around the back yard and Mac also lounged solo on the sunny patio. The traffic (5 hour drive) was decent. My car had mechanical issues a week before Thanksgiving so I was a little anxious about my trip, but that little car ran like a champ even when we got stuck for an hour on the highway.

I decorated my tiny townhouse before Thanksgiving so that it would be all Christmassy when I got home from my sister’s house. Last night I made my own paper star ornament and some pom pom garland to hang in the archway that leads to my dining room. The only thing I’m waiting for now is the wreath I ordered a couple weeks ago (school fundraiser). I’ve consumed so much hot cocoa the last few days that I’m afraid my tongue is permanently burned. The weather here is too mild still to call it “winter”. I like it chilly and there are plenty of smooshy blankets at the ready in my closet under the stairs.

I love this season!

gallery image credits: © Aimee McEwen , featured photo: DTSF


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