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PrintHere we are in the first week of December and I have so many ideas in my brain right now for DIY projects and the blog and the shop and, and, and…I could BUST! TOO MANY IDEAS, TOO LITTLE TIME.

But don’t you worry about me… I’ve at least got these printable gift tags ready for you. There’s a red and a green version. Download and print them on cover weight paper (both sides), trim, fold (short side, top), hole punch, add ribbon, twine, or string. Once the tag is folded down you could snip off the top corners at an angle, that’d be cute. Spray glitter is my new favorite embellishment. I would spray the heck outta these. I’m spraying EVERYTHING WITH GLITTER THIS YEAR!


Click here to download your printable PDF.

I’m taking one day at a time this month. Doing my best to complete at least one festive project (either personal or for the shop or the blog) each night. Oh, and of course there are some new printables available in the shop right now. If you use coupon code FALALA10 you’ll get 10% off your order.

Merry, happy, falala, and all that…

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