my stop doing list

Today I am sharing my “stop doing list”. Have you ever made a list like this? I like to do it around June every year. I’ve never posted it though. Which is on the list… stop not posting these things.

Worrying: I am anxious by nature, it wastes a lot of energy. Worry can find it’s way into just about any part of your life. Stop it, and enjoy what is happening… instead of what might happen and probably won’t happen.

Waiting: HUGE one, stop waiting to be noticed. Be graceful, but assertive.

Being afraid: This is kind of like worrying… but more irrational. It’s paralyzing sometimes. You’re missing out. And, if you want to post something deep or silly or ranty on your blog… you have permission, because you are a real person.

Dwelling on past pain: Hard to do, when you don’t even know you’re doing it. Don’t lump people together in one heap of disappointment and hurt. Even if you end up hurt, you’ll survive. You always do.

Denying yourself: You have to let yourself indulge in things from time to time. It’s not about bad or good, it’s how you think that makes it so. Things do not have to be perfect in order for you to feel happy.

That’s it. I know… I’m doing my best to stop doing these things. Bring on the happy.

image © Aimee McEwen

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