I’m gonna be

When my chronic inflammation gets the best of me, and even with my careful diet and avoiding stress it does still get me, I have a plan in place for dealing with it. Sounds funny to say that pain is something you get used to, but you do. Generally, a flare up can last 2 weeks. I don’t take any narcotic pain killers (allergic to most) which means I’m just taking things slow. Like, really slow. Pain is exhausting and sleep is difficult when you can’t breathe. You begin to feel a little bit loony. You learn to not show pain in public (or maybe you avoid going out). Aside from the flare ups I have to deal with stiffness, back aches and associated wobblyness daily.

Right now, I am doing well with managing my pain. Even so, yesterday I looked up some new symptoms on Dr. Google and it’s totally nothing… or it’s something terrible. One of those. Every page I visited listed “discomfort” as a symptom. Obviously, now I am worried I have ALL THE THINGS. I live with discomfort every day, we’re practically roomies. Discomfort is the Laverne to my Shirley, only a lot less fun (the opposite of fun). Worst roommate ever, actually, and I’ve had some pretty crappy roommates (ex-husbands count, right?).

If I’m doing well, like I am right now, I take advantage of it. I CLEAN the whole house, take Mac on a MILLION walks, go shopping, call friends, post on the blog, SMILE, make plans (this one is new). You have to take advantage of feeling well, when you don’t know how long you have until “big D” shows up again to suck all the fun out of your life. Until then, I’m going to love on everybody and be fucking awesome.

2 responses to “I’m gonna be”

  1. I can somewhat relate. As I age I have more aches and pains. Nothing like what you experience, though. Some mornings I am so stiff and hurting that I am not nice. But Rumpy still must be walked and fed. June Buggie’s litter box must be scooped. I still must work.

    Perhaps I need to adopt your outlook and remember to be fucking awesome too.

    1. YES! Do not forget to remember to be fucking awesome. X