here i am, with cake

Did everyone have a nice weekend? It was Easter weekend for those that celebrate. As usual, I hadn’t really planned on doing anything major for the holiday. After goofing off with Mac and the cat for most of the day on Saturday (photo evidence: instagram), I decided to make a bunny cake. It’s one box of Gluten Free yellow cake mix (Pillsbury), two 8″ cake rounds, cream cheese frosting (1 and 1/2 cans), sweetened coconut flakes (one bag), Hershey’s dark chocolate eggs (for the eyes) and I put mini M&Ms inside the ears as a surprise (click gallery above for enlarged view).

This cake is very sweet and you need to drink a glass of cold milk with it, for sure. I put a slideshow on my instagram to show the construction. Next time I’ll make the Gluten Free Chocolate cake mix…I would have preferred carrot cake – because that’s my favorite – but I could only find the yellow and chocolate flavors. Oh well. Cake is CAKE. I didn’t really need to dress up for Easter dinner with my friend on Sunday, but I decided to wear a dress anyway and lipstick. Which is pretty rare for me. I kinda hate lipstick, it’s a texture thing.

There was so much cake leftover that I brought it to work the next day. I tend to get embarrassed with compliments (introvert alert) but I did pretty well with the “thanks for the cake” and “that cake was goooood” comments and I felt like the bunny brightened everyone’s Monday just a little.  Cake has a tendency to do that, you know.

click here to see a tutorial for a little fox cake.

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