This post is about energy, our connection to the Earth and how we might heal ourselves by strengthening that connection. When I say healing I’m talking about restoring ourselves to a state of improved wellness not ditching conventional medicine and professional medical care (i.e. take your meds, get your check-ups). How we think about our wellness and our ability to contribute to our own well-being is important. I believe we have a say in where we fall on the continuum of wellness.

Lately, I’ve been reading about “grounding” or you may have also heard it referred to as “earthing.” Grounding is the practice of putting oneself in direct contact (via your bare feet) with the earth/grass/soil/sand – as a way to restore/improve balance to the nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) I’m not a scientist, or healer – but apparently there’s a belief that engaging with the earth in this way allows for the absorption of free electrons (positive and negative) into our bodies…yes, directly from the earth.

So simple, yeah? Um, well, no and yeah, kinda?

Free radicals are positively charged, the negative electrons we absorb through grounding act much like antioxidants; canceling out the positively charged free radicals and helping restore/improve balance to the nervous system. We can’t produce enough negatively charged electrons on our own to fight the free radicals we’re bombarded with each day so – it’s believed – grounding is vital to our well-being, as vital as air or sunlight. Free radical stress causes damage to our bodies; accelerated aging/disease. Exposure to free radicals such as pollution, pesticides, cigarettes, processed foods, electromagnetic radiation, and more deplete your body of electrons.

Why am I learning about this stuff? WELL, if you’re new here (hello, grab a snack, take off your shoes, stick your feet in some dirt!) I’m a complete weirdo but ALSO I’ve lived with chronic inflammation for the last twenty years. To be completely honest, this year and most of last year my pain has increased significantly. I’m open to the possibility that spending 2 hours with my bare feet in the sand and salt water is going to reduce my pain, help cancel out those free radicals, and restore balance to my nervous system.

Of course, please do your own research on this topic. If you’ve tried it, let me know. Do you believe grounding/earthing is beneficial (or not)? I’m working on a series of posts along the lines of mind-body wellness and concepts centered around the divine feminine. Leave a comment or DM me on instagram if you’re like me and these things interest you.♡

top image viaJulia Caesar

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