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The designer’s resources page went live mid-September and currently there are 5 free mock-ups available for download. If you’ve signed up to receive updates this is your first email from me. Welcome and thank you for following! You’ll receive an email once a week, if I stick to my content schedule (wink). Posts will be brief and include read times because I respect your time. I’ve found that since having my daughter in 2019 I’ve got so much less “free” time to consume new information and having read times included on articles is extremely helpful.

What’s a mock-up?

If you’re not one of my design-y friends, you might be thinking what the heck is a MOCK-UP? Well, simply put, designers use them to showcase or test their work, simulated on an actual product and in use. If you’ve ever seen a bad t-shirt mock-up on Amazon then you know what we’re talking about…except the free mock-ups I’ve created are actually lovely (speaking humbly, of course).

All the mock-ups on the designer resources page utilize smart objects, and some include multiple areas of customization. I’ve created a hashtag to follow the project on Instagram #TheIndoorsyProjectFreeMockup and would love to see the projects you share.*

If you’re interested in Procreate and Illustrator color palettes I will be posting some free files for you around November. Follow TheIndoorsyProject on Instagram or this site for updates.

Laptop Mock-up Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

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