gourd-geous mock-ups


Three new mock-up have been added to the designer resources page: Laundry Day, Wallpaper and Frame, and Painted Pumpkin (which is my favorite). Do you plan on carving or painting your pumpkins this year? I’m a bit accident prone so I’m thinking we will paint ours. We’ll be making a trip to a large cider mill/pumpkin patch this week and also we’re going to visit the local Children’s Zoo. FUN! What are some of your Fall traditions? This is our first real Fall with a 2 year old and we’re looking for ideas.

Made a little preview for the Wallpaper and Frame Mock-up. Here it is again in case you missed it on Instagram:

 #TheIndoorsyProjectFreeMockup is the hashtag to follow the mock-up project on Instagram. I would love to see all your gourd-geous work.*

Thank you to everybody for your kind words regarding the mock-ups, you’ve all been so lovely!

source images: credited individually on designer resources page
*All free files and tools made available by Aimee McEwen (TheIndoorsyProject.com) are for personal use only, may not be sold individually or packaged for resale in any manner. You may use the mock-up to promote/display your designs on social media, websites and in print (i.e. pitch and/or portfolio.) Attribution is not required. Files may not be reposted by individuals or aggregate websites without a redirect link to TheIndoorsyProject.com for download. Seamless patterns/artwork not included.